Features Of Valve Locking System

A locking system helps take care of business. More specifically, a locking system allows you to store away all your tools and sensitive documentary materials, even ready cash (and pretty much any other items of use or value to you) safely and securely. That being said, a pro-lock valve lock system helps you to optimize your safety and security imperatives, both inside and outside of your (already) secure premises.

pro-lock valve lock system

The double hex pro-lock is accompanied by a fifty-nine-inch cable. Its looped cable is able to provide the user with versatile security. It can be operated with a standard wrench. Otherwise users can acquire a matching pro-lock hex operating tool. Further than that, cables can still be cut to preferred lengths.  The double length hex pro-lock can also be purchased without a cable. It also provides flexible security. And it will also be operated by a standard wrench or the matching operating tool.

An extra secure pro-lock is also available for those that need that added strength. Its cable is also around fifty-nine-inches long. But this cable is coated in PVC and made from galvanized steel. It is looped at one end. And this cable can also be required to preferred lengths. With the use of this lock, security is enhanced. It can only be opened or locked with the pro-lock operating tool. No wrench here.

The operating tool is made from stainless steel. A complete pro-lock system can also be bought. It has its extra secure lock and it has it cable and operating tool. A complete pro-lock double hex system will only have one lock. While an operating tool is used to open this locking device, it can still be secured or opened with a wrench as well as a padlock.